Justin Commercial Locksmiths


Commercial locks are usually different than the domestic locks that we use for our homes or offices. They are heavy duty locks that are made by professionals and can’t be broken down easily. Commercial locks have a great variety of locking functions ranging from dial key pad to a set pattern. The main purpose of commercial locks is to serve for high traffic, institutional, industrial, government and secret applications. Locks have to be strong, versatile, durable and reliable for ideal security purposes.

You might have heard of the banks transporting cash from one branch to the other in vans. Are those the simple vans? No, these are specially designed vans that have a heavy security system and can only be broke by the owner or some professional locksmith. Do not compromise on the security of your property. There are a number of locks that have been introduced in the market to ensure the safety in toughest environments.

Mortice Locks, are well known for their durability, high security and functionality. It is the best choice for architects and other users who strongly prefer securing their systems. Other locks also include external clutching levers for fire door assemblies. These are basically the fire resistant door sets.

Logic Access Control, are the latest face of locks. These are the C-lever door fitting that excels in elegant design and compact dimensions. The electronics are fitted in the door that recognize keys, ID card or any other medium without physical contact. When the electronics detect the correct medium, a motor engages the handle coupling and door can be opened for a fixed time say, 10 seconds. You can program this time period according to your requirement. Additionally you can also install different applications like daily attendance, registration etc.

Keyless Entry Locks are a thing now. You don’t always need to carry a bunch of keys. The modern digital locksets provide a mechanical method of keyless entry. The factory set 5 digit code can be changed using the provided kit. These locks are especially designed for use in areas where frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security. Selected locksets with digital access pads provide keyless entry.

Always go for authorized locksmith dealers to keep your home safe and secure. Amplimesh is also a latest technology in security products. These are stainless steel mesh security doors that are assembled using unique patented pressure process to retain the mesh panel. There is no possibility of corrosion so it is very safe to use. Securing the inside of a house is a new breeze with unobstructed views and an area free of insects. The security screens help protect what’s valuable to you. Security screens are vital as anyone can break-in through a window. Choose the best screening option and enjoy your views without any obstruction. The screen has a high tensile strength and thus it’s a vigilant guardian on your property. All these latest technology helps improve the home security system with ease and comfort.

Smart lock concept with clipping path. 3D rendering image in original design.